Terms of service
By using our services you agree to these terms.

Terms of service

Article 1: If you enter another order on the same link while your order is in progress, the system will give an error and you will lose your balance.

Article 2: If you place an order while your profile is hidden, the system makes the order status complete and does not refund the transaction fee!

Article 3: If a part of your order is completed or canceled (except for Item 2), your money will be refunded. Please try to enter an order again or order from our different service.

Article 4: You should not enter another order at the same address before an order is finished.

Madde 5: There is no guarantee for bot follower operations, although the maintenance period is not certain, incoming followers can be deleted even the next day.

Article 6: Our panel never guarantees time, although it is not clear when social media will update, the times written in the service descriptions are the closest estimated times we have specified.

Article 7: It is forbidden to withdraw members to accounts such as +18, adult, iddaa coupon sales or illegal gambling.

Article 8: The balance entered into the system is never refunded, but when we agree on a service with us, if that service has a problem and is removed, a refund is made.

Article 9: After placing your order, account, shipment, etc. Do not change or hide their IDs and do not shoot from anywhere else before the order is completed. If the transaction is incorrect or complete without sending, do not enter the transaction from other places until you receive a response from us!

Article 10: Everyone who registers and places an order in our system accepts these rules and cannot complain or claim any rights in case of any malfunction.

Article 11: The data written in the service descriptions are not up-to-date, but they are valid in this contract because we do not know what data any service instantly reflects, so service descriptions are only preliminary information, warranty and starting periods are not valid.